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Characters Characters
Nin-Neferti (name created by Crescent with the word "nefer" which means beautiful)5'5"21brownbright blueher children, figs, reading and writing, blue water lillies, waterMenmet-Ra
Personality= bold, strong-willed, confident, prideful, vengeful, intellegent, honorable, protective, doesn't have a natural mother's instincts, sangfroid

History: Nin-Neferti was born into the world with bright blue eyes no one could understand and because of this misunderstanding, the population stood divided as to whether or not she was a gift from the heavens or a demon sent by one of the cruelest gods. Either way, Nin-Neferti was separated from normal society merely because of her eye color. The only man who truly wish her for his bride was Menmet-Ra. Menmet-Ra worked for many years to woo the young and cold-hearted Nin-Neferti. Since she knew his nasty ways from the first day she met him, she sought to avoid him at all costs until he drugged and raped her. Afterwards, she became pregnant and was forced to marry him in order to hide her embarrassment and shame. Nin-Neferti despised her first born child, Miu-Oa until Menmet-Ra sought to destory him out of jealousy and hate. The only reason Nin-Neferti now chooses to stay with her vile husband is for the sake of her children and nothing more.
Menmet-Ra (meaning "worshiper of Ra")5'8"27blackdark brownNin-Nefertiher children, anything that gets in his way
Personality= obsessive, controlling, violent, debonair, two-faced, fiery temper, prideful

History: Menmet-Ra is a high priest in the temple of Ra, of whom Menmet-Ra believes he has a special connection with and Nin-Neferti was a gift to him from Ra. For years, Menmet-Ra has been obsessed with anything dyed or painted the color blue and for days on end his family has suffered the fate of his mad declarations for water fasting. He often threatens his wife that he will kill her children when she runs away, but it is merely a game to beat her into submission. Menmet-Ra cares for only two things: Ra and himself.
Miu-Oa (meaning "the great male cat")4'6"11blacklight brownNin-Neferti, Nodjmet, camel riding, prayer to RaMenmet-Ra
Personality= vengeful, sensitive, brave, intelligent, strong, prideful

History: Since he was little, Miu-Oa has had a strong hatred for his father, who has shown him no kindness since the day Miu-Oa was born. Still, Menmet-Ra has taken Miu-Oa with him to the temple of Ra everyday to worship and learn the ways of the church. Miu-Oa prays everyday that Ra punish his father for the evils put upon their household and set his mother free of her torment.
Nodjmet (meaning "sweet one")4'1"8blackbrownfamily, catsfamily feuds, water fast rituals
Personality= shy, quiet, submissive, gullible, sensitive, nervous, naive

History: Nodjmet's only wish is to see her family happy, but she remains confused and alone in her goal. She enjoys the tender moments with her mother and the few hours of play her father allows her to have with her brother. Sadly, most her time is spent at the Temple of Bast due to her father wanting nothing to do with her. Nodjmet's fondness for cats has grown over the years; perhaps her father will allow her to keep one in the house come her next birthday?
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Personality= ?????

History: ?????