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Oooo... pretty!
Comics for Thursday, June 2, 2005

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5/5/05- Lookie! All fives! Isn't that cool?

OK, so we don't really have any news for you, other than the fact that we have a tasty new logo and a hypnotic background. But we shall compensate for having nothing to say by saying it REALLY LOUDLY!!!

2/15/05- Sorry everyone, but there's a substory coming up! Substories are mysterious creatures of the night that take many hours of hard vigilant work to track down and imprison, but with use of my pencil, used gum, a pepper, and sixteen palm trees, the beast has been captured. Exibition of the animal will be presented within the flowing week, assuming the creature will cooperate with demands.

2/1/05- "Well, I HAD the comics finished," says Crescent Lady. "And in my computer. With no problems loading them at all. Then the greatest killer of Ribbon reared it's ugly head again, and that was procrastination. That and I'm at a standstill plot wise. I'm really sorry!"

Meanwhile, Corsac says: "You know, I think I forgot to post Page 17 when I was supposed to. It's up in the archives now, though, so go see what you missed."

1/4/05- For the first time in Ribbon history, actual chapter separations!
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